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Our Clients

01. Content Removal

Reputation Guards specializes in the permanent removal and suppression of negative digital content from websites, search engines, and other types of digital assets. We work with companies and individuals to repair and boost their online reputation.

02. Technical, Legal and AI

We utilize our legal experts along with proprietary AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology to permanently remove harmful online content.

03. Reputation Process

We analyze your digital footprint to better understand the online issues you are facing, your current online reputation goals, and the negative content you want us to remove or suppress.

How It Works

Analyze Negative Content

Our technical team will research negative content which may be associated with you or your companies name.


Consider All Potential Removal or Suppression Strategies

Our team identifies the best removal or suppression strategy in order to make sure the results are permanent and irreversible.


Permanent Removal

There are two options for complete and permanent removal. We can deindex the information from Google or totally remove the content from the link itself. Our removal programs come with a permanent results guarantee.


Protection from Additional Attacks

Occasionally you or your brand may require protection from future attacks. Our team will assess the situation and advise you or your company accordingly.


How Do We Begin

  • 01 What are your financial guarantees?

    Depending on your required reputation program, our team is paid either on a SUCCESS BASIS or with a FULL MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE. Consult your account manager in order to discuss which program is best for you or your company.

  • Our team can either permanently remove, deindex or suppress all negative links. Consult your account manager in order to see which program is best for you.

  • We have legal partners and a highly developed reputation AI (Artificial Intelligence) which together with our reputation team have developed proprietary methods for fast, efficient and permanent removal of negative content.

We have our own client base in the multilevel marketing space. Our clients always have negative links coming up from false statements and we needed some of them suppressed and De-Indexed. Reputation Guards De-Indexed three of the links in 20 days and suppressed the remainder of the links in 60 days

Ricoh printing


I run an international limousine service and I had an article in a major newspaper which was damaging our RFP proposals for new government contracts. Reputation Guards De-Indexed the harmful article within 22 days and we have sense confirmed four new contracts

Travel motors


I would like to use this opportunity to thank the team at Reptation Guards. Our business had been plagued by unfair criticism on Facebook, brought about by a disgruntled ex-employee who had one negative post which had spread like wildfire. The account managers' hands-on approach helped put my mind at ease, with regular communication and periodic updates. All negative comments were removed within the agreed timeframe.

VP Marketing


I had been facing some malicious attacks on social media. There was no hesitation to overdeliver with some valuable content and actionable strategies that helped me immensely; quick, clear, and concise. Thanks for making it possible to have a clean slate again.

Digital Marketing Manager


Like most business owners, I am prepared to take criticism on the chin. What I’m unhappy about are the anonymous trolls who mount personal attacks to hurt me, my business, and my hardworking staff. They removed all of the fake articles! Thanks to Reputation Guards for making the marketplace a bit more fair and equitable.

Head of Digital Services

Material Bank

The services from Reputation Guards is top notch and very professional. They helped me restore my online reputation after I was wrongfully accused of something I didn’t do. I can’t thank them enough and highly recommend them.

VP of Marketing


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